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Palo (aka "Darth Jar Jar")

Darth Jar Jar, known publicly as the oft-clumsy Jar Jar Binks, was a Gungan Senator from Naboo and a secret Sith Lord who was trained by an ancient Sith Lord through a mysterious holocron in the swamps of his homeland. Known to the vast criminal underworld as Palo, he often runs his network through his proxy, Meatbag, a rebuilt HK-47 assassin/protocol droid.

After surviving the Battle of Naboo and befriending the Jedi, Jar Jar became a Representative of Naboo (then promoted years later to Senator when Padme Amidala returned to Naboo) where he helped give emergency powers to Sheev Palpatine to become Supreme Chancellor of the Republic with the ability to wage war.

This turning point marked the decline of the Republic and rise of the Empire. Jar Jar’s influential play was heavily rewarded by Palpatine, allowing him access to the Emperor’s inner circle and affording him many designations to chairman of various powerful political committees. It was through these committees that the shrewd Gungan was able to make alliances and broker deals.

When the Emperor executed Order 66 and began to tighten his grip on the remaining Senators during the last moments of the Republic, Jar Jar left Coruscant to be at the helm of his lucrative enterprise and focus on learning more of the Dark Arts from his shadowy benefactor.

palo darth jar jar

Meatbag was a rebuilt Czerka Corporation Hunter Killer series modified HK-24 unit combination Class 4 assassin and protocol droid with a special designation: HK-47. The droid was found badly damaged and discarded on the surface of Telos IV by Darth Jar Jar during his travels.

Meatbag served as the proxy to Palo (Jar Jar Binks’ chosen moniker) and handled all the Gungan’s dealings in the criminal underworld. The unique droid performed such duties as protection, collections, enforcement, and assassinations in his role as Darth Jar Jar’s personal assistant and second-in-command.

meatbag aka HK-47
Kal Orn

Kal Orn is a Force-sensitive human from the planet Cyphar. Raised by his traveling merchant father, Kal discovered his connection to the Force when his father was killed over a dispute with a customer and Kal murdered the man by tossing him through a stone wall with his mind.

Since Kal grew up working with ship and droid parts, it helped to land him a job with a warehouse delivery crew. He spent a few years crossing the galaxy as a courier and dock worker, always looking over his shoulder, until another run-in with the Force caused him to be fired and jettisoned to Naboo where he ran into Palo.

Palo planned to use the young Cypharian to help run his crime syndicate, but Kal’s stubborn nature and raw Force abilities caused the Gungan to alter course, and instead use Dark Side sorcery to perform the ancient ritual of Transfer Essence, taking over Kal’s body for a time.

kal orn cartoon paloverse
kal orn

Fortem (aka “Agent Fortem”) was a clone leftover from the original batch ordered by then Jedi Master Syfo-Dias for the Clone Wars. He was left in a stasis chamber with the intentions of Dark Side alchemy tests at the orders of Emperor Palpatine, but they never came. The clone was in stasis for many years until Palo arrived at Tipoca City on Kamino to order his own clone army using the DNA of the deceased Bad Batch member Tech.

When Palo learned that clones could not be produced as fast as his droid army, he abandoned the idea. When Fortem’s clone body was discovered by Meatbag, the supervising doctor, Kaminoan Nam Se, informed Palo that an Artusian Force crystal was initially supposed to be introduced into the clone’s blood in hopes of creating a powerful soldier, but the plans fell through.

Fortem Darth Jar Jar Tales

Upon Palo’s orders, the experiment was finally carried out and Fortem was fused with the crystal, becoming very powerful and attuned to the Dark Side, a side effect of Sith alchemy.

His first test was to confront the Parjai Paratrooper Clone squad that would soon arrive after Palo sent a fake distress signal to their nearby ship in orbit. When the clones arrived, he made quick work of his brethren, but not without the paratrooper commander nearly taking everyone down with him.

Later, Palo executed Order 65, an Imperial contingency that all clones were pre-programmed to carry out in the case of the Supreme Chancellor becoming a threat to the government. Fortem entered into Palpatine’s private chambers and killed who he believed was his intended target, only to soon discover the Emperor had tricked him. He also suspected that Palo, too, was in on the ruse.

He arrived back at Palo’s private palace on Coruscant to confront the Sith Lord, but was met with Iron Knights and an ancient Sith spirit who momentarily possessed his body.

Roolel Ristook

The very first Imperial Inquisitor, Roleel Ristook was a mysterious black-furred Ewok who lured Kal Orn into a trap where he met face to face with Emperor Palpatine. After a short battle with the Sith Lord, Kal was convinced to join the Inquisitorius in order to hunt down his former boss, Palo.

Roolel Ristook Lego Minifigure
Clone Force 99 (aka "Bad Batch")

Clone Force 99 originated as a batch of clones who were born with “desirable” genetic mutations that made them superior soldiers. These mutations also had the unique effect of altering their appearance and voice greatly from regular clones. Due to their genetic mutations, unorthodox fighting tactics, and gung-ho behavior, they were nicknamed the “Bad Batch” within the Clone Army. The team consisted of Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Crosshair.

The unit was named after 99, a malformed maintenance clone who died in aiding the defense of Kamino from the Separatist invasion.

clone force 99 bad batch
Nam Se

Nam Se is a rogue scientist on Kamino. We will learn more about him in the upcoming story Coruscant Knights.

Nam Se
Moff Sareen

Moff Sareen is a vital member of the newly formed Empire. We will learn more about him in the upcoming story Coruscant Knights.

Moff Sareen
Achk Med-Beq

Achk Med-Beq is a Coruscant con artist who runs into Palo. We will learn more about him in the upcoming story Coruscant Knights.

Achk-Med Beq
Dannl Faytonni

Dannl Faytonni is a Coruscant con artist who runs into Palo. We will learn more about him in the upcoming story Coruscant Knights.

Dannl Faytonni
Cordo the Proud

Cordo the Proud is a notorious Toydarian gang leader who decides to stop paying tribute to the Palo Syndicate for ongoing protection from the Republic and other gangsters. His defiance sparks a personal meeting with Palo where the outcome proves less than ideal for the crime boss.

Cordo the Proud Toydarian gang boss