Thrawn’s Return

The news is that Matt Smith will be joining the cast of the last episode in the current Star Wars trilogy. He used to be one of the many iterations of Doctor Who, the main character in a popular British Science Fiction TV show by the same name.

Here’s the thing. After comparing Matt Smith’s bone structure to that of the Star Wars animated character, Thrawn, I’m convinced that Matt will be playing this role in the movie and will be just another character to many who don’t know who he is, so I’m thinking in the gap of time between The Last Jedi and Episode IX, he will be a fixture in Kylo Ren’s cabinet of advisers.

For those who don’t know who Thrawn is, you might want to check out The TV show Rebels. I became fascinated with him after seeing him on the show. He’s a blue-skinned, suave Grand Admiral with a mind as logical as Spock’s. His people are known as the Chiss Ascendency.

He serves the Empire only to curry the favor of the Emperor and gain him as an ally, because his people live in the Unknown Region of the galaxy without the facility of hyperspace lanes for faster than light travel. His only reason for being a part of the Empire’s military is to protect his people. And it is only to them that he’s loyal. If the Empire could serve as a decoy to the coming threat, he wouldn’t be unhappy about it.

He’s got unspecified reasons to believe that his people will need allies due to threats from others in the Unknown Region of the galaxy.

I’m also currently reading both the Star Wars novel Thrawn and the one titled Thrawn Alliances, and have benefited from watching subject matter from the Star Wars Reading Club about the character.

The newest rumor about Episode IX is that the First Order is building yet another Deathstar-like weapon. I do not believe it’s construction is to hurt anyone being governed by the First Order, but is to thwart a danger from the Unknown Region coming at the First Order fast and heavy.

It’s my belief that Thrawn is serving Kylo Ren now, and that Ezra is with him. Perhaps, together they brought proof that would convince Kylo to finance a Deathstar-like weapon.

My preliminary speculations are that Thrawn who was taken to some far and unknown distance away by the Ezra Bridger, a Force-sensitive boy of approximately 17 years of age, comes back, but this time with the boy an ally.

Ezra happens to be trained in both Jedi and Sith lore and used his Force abilities to call his friends, a space-faring species of space whales called the Purgirl, to stop Thrawn from bombarding his homeworld. The kicker is that the space whales can fly at hyperspace speeds. It’s my feeling that the Force had Ezra use these strange friends to take Thrawn to his home where there are no hyperspace lanes… but with purpose, namely, to get ready.

Why do I think the Force is behind this? Well, because of how Ezra frames it when saying goodbye to his friends and surrogate family. He says:

“There were several paths in front of me. While this wasn’t the one I wanted to take it’s what I had to do.”

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