Final Snoke (is Darth Plagueis) Theory

I’ve heard the rumor that Matt Smith was cast to play a young Palpatine, but I think it’s more likely he will be playing Snoke, revived and back from the dead. And he will be back from the dead because he is Darth Plagieus. I know that’s been heavily speculated, but I haven’t seen an evidence breakdown before, so here’s mine.


The Obsidian Ring

It is noted in The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi that Snoke wears an obsidian ring made from a piece of the catacombs from Vader’s castle. What stands out to me is the specificity of the location. The amount of red tape these decisions have to go through to get to production is astounding, and I am convinced that there is no such thing as a coincidence in the cinematic world, especially for something as lore intensive as Star Wars. Why would Snoke have a piece of Vader’s Castle, let alone from the catacombs? Well, let’s take a look at Vader’s Castle.

2. Vader’s Castle

When Snoke makes a ring from Vader’s catacombs- what is the purpose? Why the catacombs? Consider the Darth Vader comic. It describes the purpose of Vader’s castle was to resurrect Padame from the dead. Taking a piece of the catacombs from a place associated with eternal life has a certain amount of poetry to it. Or is it a trophy of triumph? Why was this location special to Snoke?

3. Plageius Sought to Overcome Death and to Create Life

Plageius was consumed with overcoming death and saving others from death, as described by Palpatine to Anakin in the PT. This was also described in the Plageius novel. Plageius also attempted to create life through the force. When he heard of the immaculate birth of Anakin through the force, he considered that it might have been his creation. Qui Gon got to Anakin first and brought him into the Jedi fold before Plageius could encounter him, and Plageius was killed before he was ever able to make contact. However, Palpatine survived, and used the knowledge he and Plageius gathered regarding saving loved ones from death to stoke Anakin’s greatest fear. It was this promise of knowledge that pushed Anakin over the edge to the dark side. Plageius may have created Anakin… and indirectly Vader.

4. Snoke is obsessed with Vader

The ring, his influence on Ben since the womb, his reverence for Ben’s bloodline… Snoke is obsessed with Vader, almost as much as Ben. But why? Does he consider Vader as legend, much like many consider Luke? Did he have interactions with Vader during unknown moments of Vader’s career as a Sith? Snoke seems to powerful in his own right to be so reverent of Vader’s power. OR could this obsession be explained by Snoke being Plageius, desperate to meet the being he may have created.

5. EP IX is said to bring the Skywalker Saga full circle

Despite the common perception, I find it unlikely that Snoke is just some nobody that hasn’t been mentioned before (OT, PT). The last film is not a moment to bring in new big players. Snoke being Plageius is the only thing that makes sense, the only thing that brings the whole trilogy to a close with a nice bow on top.

Lastly, Matt Smith just has a very unique look… a unique look that is very similar to Snoke. It just makes sense.

It gives a new meaning to Snoke’s line “I cannot be betrayed. I cannot be beaten.” It’s not his mind-reading, it’s his immortality.

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