Snoke to Inhabit Ben Solo’s Mind Against His Will

Gonna give credit for this theory outta the gate because Redditor u/tehmpus has apparently had ideas hijacked without crediting the source and we don’t do that here so… this theory was originally posted at:

Hello There!

I haven’t posted a lot of theories lately due to the fact that certain Youtubers have gotten in the habit of stealing ideas from us, without even giving proper credit to redditors as the source.

That said, many of you may remember when I originally came up with the idea that Snoke’s essence is actually contained within that Obsidian Ring we see him wearing all the time. Thus the being we’ve seen this entire time wasn’t the real “Snoke”. He was essentially just a meat puppet controlled by the ring he wore. (Wizard of Oz stuff basically) So yes, the person we know of as Snoke died, but the essence still remains in the ring, waiting for the next person to take it and slip it on…

Originally, I felt that person would be Hux, but what if Ben Solo actually picks up the ring at some point? There would be sort of a war inside his mind for control of his body… a war that Ben Solo is sure to lose by himself.

But what if the Force Ghosts were to all group together and join the battle to save Ben’s mind? We could see Yoda, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Luke, and even Anakin appearing in a mystical place representing Ben Solo’s mind. On the outside, we would simply see Rey walk forward and hold Ben Solo gently. Adam Driver would have conflicting emotions passing over his face. On the inside, we see an epic battle between the Snoke Essence and all our heroes of old.

I know it sounds crazy, but that would be an epic finish to the Force arc of the film. After all, George Lucas once stated that his version of the sequel trilogy would partly revolve around inside a person’s body with the Force.

Sounds crazy, but might be kewl as hell.

(Once again… if you steal my idea for a video, give credit)