Opposing Theories

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From user ForcePuppetJarJar:

Jar Jar Binks was neither Sith nor Jedi. He had no Force powers. Instead he was a vessel of the Force.

First, let’s talk about luck.

“In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi

Jar Jar was not lucky. Obi-Wan set the stage for that and said in his experience there is no such thing. That made luck null and void in the Star Wars galaxy. Jar Jar was simply available to be placed. Like a pawn on the chess board.

And here it is: Jar Jar wasn’t a Sith. Jar Jar wasn’t a Jedi. He was a Force vessel. A puppet used by both sides to accomplish goals.

The Force didn’t approve of Palpatine and Plagueis trying (and succeeding) in making a child through Dark Side meditation – Plagueis attributed his failures in midichlorian manipulation to the Force not approving.

“Sidious and Plagueis then entered a meditative trance and managed to tip the scales of balance in the favor of darkness. Plagueis attempted to go one step further and attempted to create life by mentally reaching out to the inhabitants of the galaxy, but he was, by his own estimate, ultimately unsuccessful. Immediately afterwards, his test subjects succumbed to various diseases, and he set most of the survivors free; some of the animals he had experimented on adapted to the forests of Sojourn. Plagueis had developed a theory that the Force was actively opposed to the Sith’s efforts, and saw each setback in this light.” Read about Darth Plagueis.

The above suggests that the Force is a sentient being, capable of feeling one way or another. Perhaps it was pissed at the Dark Side efforts.

Jar Jar was locked in a game of tug of war between Palpatine and the actual Living Force (who used Qui-Gon Jinn in Episode 1 and perhaps after when Qui-Gon became one with the Force.) “Lucky” things that happen to him can be credited to the Force controlling him (killing droids, the energy balls, fixing the pod racer, seemingly not being inept as a general at times…)

FLIP SIDE is that the Empire building things are done when Palpatine, his Naboo neighbor, who probably saw this hapless Gungan as he walked the surface of Naboo as an exile, controls him from across the galaxy (remember that Palpatine felt Anakin was in trouble after the fight with Obi-Wan when he was off-planet!) Also remember the persuasion of Amidala to ask for the Gungan army for help (which was completely against her passive, anti-war attitude earlier), Palpatine’s promotion to Emperor, all the times he purposefully gets in the way of the Jedi, etc.

When Obi-Wan asked Qui-Gon why they kept dragging pathetic lifeforms around who had little use, Qui-Gon responded with:

“He seems that way now, perhaps, but you must look deeper, Obi-Wan.”

Perhaps? Look deeper? Do we take Qui-Gon for a fool, or a wise sage trying to open Obi-Wan’s eyes? We KNOW that Qui-Gon is a sage because he’s the one who figures out how to become a Force ghost. He teaches Yoda. Pay attention to Qui-Gon’s words. Given Qui-Gon’s appearance looks like a timeless Japanese warrior with long beard and long, pulled back hair it’s entirely possible that this Jedi is the alter-ego of another sage we know who is quite fond of Japanese culture and religions: George Lucas. What better way to create your world than from a character within.

A venerable if maverick Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn was a student of the living Force. Qui-Gon lived for the moment, espousing a philosophy of “feel, don’t think — use your instincts.”

I think the Force, the Living Force, which was Qui-Gon’s primary focus, which has been stated to be that which permeates and binds everything, allowed him to control Jar Jar to thwart Palpatine’s advances when available. Jar Jar was not brainless, and he may have been able to shake the mind control from Qui-Gon or Palpatine at times.

A lot of people seem to think that Jar Jar knew that Padme was the queen and use the “Pitty hot” as proof. Why then is he genuinely surprised that Padme is Amidala when she reveals her identity to Boss Nass? Jar Jar is like “say what?” Perhaps he was not being “puppeted” at the time and was truly surprised.

I think the real story here is not that Jar Jar is Sith Lord, but that the Force is much, much more sentient and active than we’ve been led – or led ourselves – to believe.

Other posts recently on Reddit concerning TFA say that JJ Abrams claims the “awakening” is the Force itself coming alive. All Force users get a +1 to Attack essentially.

Don’t let Qui-Gon, or the Force, seem evil for manipulating Jar Jar. You saw that Qui-Gon would gamble, persuade, etc in order to get what the mission needed. The Force itself is neither good nor bad. Your perception determines your reality.

The Force can and will take matters into it’s own hands. Jar Jar Binks, case in point.

So if it wasn't Jar Jar who told Palpatine our heroes were on Tatooine, who was it? I'll tell ya...

The images below tear down one of the main pillars of the DJJ theory: That it must have been Jar Jar who notified Palpatine that Qui-Gon and crew were on Tatooine because the fake queen didn’t make contact, nor did anyone else. Well, if it wasn’t Jar Jar…who was it?

The truth is…

Star Wars Empire comic book Issue 1
Star Wars Empire comic book Issue 1
Star Wars Empire comic book Issue 1

Why is it no one suspected the ONE GUY in all of Tatooine who had the connections to get his hands on a J-type 327 Nubian T-14 hyperdrive generator?

So much for thinking it was a sinister Jar Jar who made that phone call while the others weren’t looking.

Consider this:


WATTO reads a small portable monitor he is holding. He stands before a hyperdrive.

WATTO : …Here it is…a T-14 hyperdrive generator!! Thee in luck, I’m the only one hereabouts who has one…but thee might as well buy a new ship. It would be cheaper, I think…Sying of which, how’s thee going to pay for all this?
QUI-GON : I have 20,000 Republic dataries.
WATTO : Republic credits?!? Republic credits are no good out here. I need something more real…
QUI-GON : I don’t have anything else. (raising his hand) But credits will do fine.
WATTO : No they won’ta. QUI-GON, using his mind power, waves his hand again.
QUI-GON : Credits will do fine.
WATTO: No, they won’ta. What you think you’re some kinda Jedi, waving your hand around like that? I’m a Toydarian. Mind tricks don’ta work on me-only money. No money, no parts! No deal! And no one else has a T-14 hyperdrive, I promise you that.

Watto can’t be mind tricked, so he’s above average intelligence. Smart enough to make friends with the right people if he’s gonna survive on Tatooine.

Watto has a “small portable monitor.” It’s not a stretch to think once he hits this inventory on his screen, a signal is sent to the previous owner. Perhaps an owner by the name of Palpatine who is rich, from Naboo and has the Force power Foresight.

Watto seems overly sure that he’s the only one on the planet with T-14 hyperdrive. How’s that for luck? Wait…luck doesn’t exist here.

From user powercorruption:

If Jar Jar used force persuasion on Padme to have her express her disapproval of the pod race, why would Jar Jar be against this? Wouldn’t he want to take any risks necessary to free Anakin?


From user brazrazra:

So I’ll start with some assumptions that I think everyone here would mostly agree on

  1. Jar Jar serves a purpose and isn’t just for comedic relief. Or even if he is, he’s guided by the will of the force and is crucial to the plot advancement.
  2. His role in the movies were likely massively re-written for Episode II and III due to negative public reaction. So if we want to get a glimpse of what George Lucas wanted for him… using Episode I is our best shot.

So that said, why does DJJ run into QGJ and Obi-wan and chill with them for the entire movie?

Theory 1: He’s DJJ, he knows about Skywalker and wants to get Skywalker discovered and eventually fall to the dark side for some reason.

My contentions with this theory: Okay so we’re saying he’s so deeply connected with the force that he can sense when the force creates a lifeform itself (something so unheard of that we never hear of this happening before or after). If someone is that powerful and connected with the force, it means his clairvoyance is greater than even Yoda. Or at the very least on par with Yoda. If I’m a Sith, and I know that much… I likely also know about the prophecy of a Jesus Jedi that is to be born whose role is to “bring balance to the force” or as Obi-Wan clarifies during his battle in Episode III that translates into “…you were suppose to destroy the Sith, not join them”.

If that’s the prophecy, one so well known that QGJ only has to mention “it is possible he was conceived by midichlorians” when he starts talking to the Jedi Council about Skywalker that the entire room looks at each other and he is immediately interrupted by Mace Windu who says “you mean the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the force (ie destroy the sith).” If DJJ is really that powerful, he would be aware of that well known prophecy that it seems all the Jedi council and QGJ know about off the top of their heads, and if his plan is to work with Palps to gain control of the Senate and kill the Jedi… his logical move would be to just force dominate any old stiff from Naboo, have them fly him to Tatoine for a short stay. And slaughter this ultimate enemy of the Sith while he was a slave boy when no one would care or even notice it’s happened. Skywalker never helps Palps or DJJ all through Episode I-III in their goals. If anything he’s a life long distraction for Palps, and if I’m DJJ I’m annoyed Palps is wasting so much time on Skywalker rather then getting work done. DJJ and Palps together see the rise of a clone army and end of the Republic, and the death of the Jedi with order 66. But the time Darth Vader comes around, it’s too late for the need for him to help set up the end of the Jedi, and any killing of Jedi Darth Vader does between III to his death in VI could just as easily… or likely more easily be done by a DJJ himself who is that more powerful than a Darth Vader. Hell even if one suggests they need a Darth Vader to exsist because DJJ can’t be the leader because the Empire doesn’t like non humans… DJJ can just put on Vader’s fing armor to hide his appearance. Not that he would need to being such a high level Sith he would just use force mask like Palp does throughout Episode I-III but anywho… DJJ never gains any benefit from Skywalker. And if anything Skywalker is a distraction for his co conspirator Palps.

Theory 2: He’s in league with Palps and gets the old smoke signal from Palps that the Jedi are interfering with the blockade. Palps tells DJJ to expect company and… I guess just hang out with them and see what they do?

My contentions with this theory: So Palps becomes aware of the Jedi as the TF tells him they have come to negotiate the trade dispute. Palps says “oh shit really? Okay let’s speed shit up then. Land your troops now.” and in response to them asking what shall we do with the Jedi he responds “Kill them immediately”. So it’s possible Palps can conclude that the TF can’t handle the Jedi and they will land with the army on the planet. So he contacts DJJ to tell him about it…but wouldn’t their logical move be “hey, two Jedi are coming down to fuck shit up. Please kill them quickly and quietly”. I mean unless if they want Skywalker found then they need the Jedi for that. But once again I don’t see a clear reason for either of them to want anything but the swift and quick death of Skywalker. Maybe they need the Jedi there to bring the queen of Naboo back to Coruscant so they can plea with the Senate and bring about the event of giving the Chancelor emergency powers. But if Darth Jar Jar is this big baddie… then he can certainly get that done himself. A little enthralling of some non force users, a little pretending to be an idiot who somehow ends up helping out after arriving in duress saying that TF army has landed and is hunting him. Ect. He can guide these non Jedi level humans to safety and force dominate them to not speak about him, or when questioned just claim he’s just an idiot that is a victim of the TF too.

So my question is why does DJJ need QGJ and Obi Wan?